Rhode Island PET Services

CT Scan


Important Things to Know About CT

CT uses X-rays and computer technology to create images of bones, organs, and blood vessels. CT images help doctors diagnose conditions and determine treatment. CT images can help assess internal trauma, guide procedures and diagnose cancer or fractures.

CT is painless and usually lasts only a few minutes. Some patients require an intravenous or oral contrast agent to improve image quality.

Patient Instructions

Preparation for your CT scan depends on what part of your body will be examined.

  • Contact us to find out if you have restrictions on what you can eat and drink before your appointment.
  • We may ask you to change into a hospital gown for the exam.
  • The technologist conducts the CT scan from a control room. You can talk to the technologist throughout the exam.
  • You will lie still on a table as it moves through the scanner. We may ask you to hold your breath for a few seconds during the exam.


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